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From the Desk of the Superintendent


Thank you for visiting our new web site!

Fairbury Public Schools is poised to become one of the preeminent school districts in the State of Nebraska!  Our district has worked tirelessly with the community to improve the facilities of the district and our facilities are a source of pride for our community!  It is my goal to make it apparent to you that our administrative team and staff are eager for continued improvements…in all areas.  Improvement to our educational programming is one of our most important priorities.

Educational improvement is a process that involves research, listening, planning, collaboration and execution.  I would like to commend our staff as they have embodied this philosophy as they have been gearing up for our planned 1:1 Computer launch later this year!  They have spent many hours researching “best practices” for optimal technology use in our schools.  We are working towards the full implementation of this plan, as the second semester of this 2015-16 school year gets under way. Our technology initiative does not stop at the Jr/Sr High School, as we also will utilize the Chromebooks in the elementary schools as well.  Throughout their preparation for this initiative, our team has researched best practices, collaborated with our staff as well as collaborated with other districts that are currently living the 1:1 Computer initiative.  Our staff is working hard to ensure an efficient roll out of this awesome initiative.

I am excited to help lead Fairbury Public Schools into the next realm of education in Nebraska. We can accomplish many great things for our students, parents and community members. Through my experiences, I have identified the importance and value of building a dynamic and positive school culture.  I believe the building of relationships, with both the students and their families, are the foundational blocks for learning.  These blocks are also keys for a positive school culture.  A positive culture can stimulate students and staff to achieve great things. Through effective communication and earnest dialogue, I will work with the Board of Education members, my fellow administrators, staff, students and families to build on the strengths that exist and further enrich the learning environment at Fairbury Public Schools.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime!  I look forward to meeting you!


Stephen Grizzle