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FBLA American Enterprise Project

During the month of October, twenty-four members of Fairbury FBLA conducted their annual American Enterprise project. This year, three classes of Fairbury Elementary third-graders were taught the meaning of American Enterprise, the importance of spending locally and the multiplier effect which happens when money is spent within the community. Third graders were able to set up a cookie baking business, bake cookies at the high school, and market their cookies to the high school and junior high students. With over $640 in revenue collected over three days, this year’s cookie sales were a big success!  After paying all expenses, the remaining profit will be split between the three third-grade classes. The third-graders will first spend a small portion of their cookie profits on a special treat from Deb Umland in an effort to support local businesses. Then each individual class will decide how to spend the remainder of their business profits.  The annual American Enterprise project is enjoyed by all students. FBLA members enjoy working with the younger kids, and the third-graders love making a trip to the high school. “Overall, I thought this project was pretty fun,” FBLA Reporter, Trent Grizzle said. “We (FBLA members) got a lot out of this project and were able to help third graders understand what goes into making a business.”