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The Dangers of Smoking and Vaping

by FPS Superintendent, Stephen Grizzle –

Happy Summer Parents!!
As you might be aware, we have chosen to include nicotine with our Random Drug Testing protocol, beginning in August 2019, when we return to school.  I have attached a good resource for you to look at and I encourage you to talk with your student about the dangers of smoking and vaping.  It is extensive.  
Unfortunately, vaping has been marketed as being a “safe alternative to smoking.”  Agreed, the impression is more favorable.  It doesn’t “stink up the place” when someone is vaping.  It does not make their clothes smell.  In fact, you can be in the same room with them and if you are not physically looking at them, you may never know they are vaping.  Someone could literally vape next to you and you may not ever know it.  It is that discrete.
With that being said, we are just starting to see information that highlights the dangers of vaping.  The “pods” that contain the liquid you vape can include many different “add-ins” to the liquid.  CBD oils can be added, others drugs/chemicals can be added, etc.  But typically, the dosage of nicotine in a “pod” can be much greater than a cigarette or even a pack of cigarettes.  Kids “get buzzed” when they vape because the concentration of nicotine is so much greater.  Since concentrations are much greater, the likelihood of addiction is greater as well.  Addiction leads to more at-risk behaviors.  It is a cycle of events that we want to try and help our students to avoid.
Vaping is a huge health concern for all.  It is the next “big thing” for all of us to worry about.  
As a district, it is our goal to help to give our students a way to say, “No!” to the peer pressure of vaping.  We are not looking for retribution or punishment, we really hope to give our kids a “way out.”  We do plan to incorporate more educational programming throughout this year on the dangers of vaping.  We need your help as well.  Please take this opportunity to read the attached article and Tweet below, and talk with your student about the dangers of vaping.  Thank you and have a great rest of the summer!!

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