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“Wild” Experience for Driver’s Education Students

Students Brant Gillham and Addy Linscott had the awesome opportunity to experience a one of a kind event.  While practicing and logging  hours for Driver’s Education, these two students, along with Mr. Scott, got to see a Bobcat and her cubs in the wild.  The incident happened west and north of Gilead on a gravel road.  Brant wanted to show Mr. Scott a farm where some of his relatives lived.  Mr. Scott agreed, and was very glad he did, as all three passengers got to see this bobcat pick up a baby in her mouth.  She took the baby up the hill and disappeared.  Pretty soon she came again and got another.  In total she removed two babies. The spots on their bellies were very visible as the sun beat down on their shiny coats. There could have been others carried before we got there, but that remains a mystery. It was a day we will never forget!