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Construction Class Builds New Sidewalk

 Construction began last week with the building of a new sidewalk for the city ballpark.  Mr. Scott’s Construction class, with the help of city officials, got this project off to a roaring start.  Pictured here are Seth Firmanick, Keith Lee, Jayden Schmidt, Andrew Novotny, Jon Kerwood, Thorin Grieve, Brock Beed, and Devin Wanamaker.  Dalton Peterson was under the weather at the time of our first pouring.  Since the class is two blocks long, we formed up roughly 98 feet of sidewalk.  The sidewalk is five feet wide and six inches deep.  The class is learning how to order concrete and use various tools and techniques to get the job done.  It will have a broomed finish to complete the project.  This gives the concrete a better no slip finish that some people prefer.  After all the boys left to go back to the school, a snake decided to cross the freshly poured concrete.  He was apprehended and removed.  All in all, it was a nice day.  The boys were proud of their work.