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Animals & Their Habitats

Miss Lassek’s first graders spent a few weeks studying many different animals and the habitats in which they live. A few habitats that we took a closer look into included the Arctic Tundra, Sonoran Desert, East African Savanna, Deciduous Forest, Rainforest, Freshwater and Saltwater. 

First, we put on our hats and gloves and traveled to the Arctic Tundra to see the penguins, caribou, arctic hare, muskox and so much more. Then we put on our shades and visited the Sonoran Desert to run with a coyote and see how tall a cactus stood. Next we viewed the beautiful zebras, elephants, giraffes, and lions in the East African Savanna. Then we put on our camouflage to blend in with the animals of the Deciduous Forest and the Rainforest. We saw squirrels, black bears, deer, snakes, jaguars, and monkeys. Lastly, we dove deep into the freshwater and saltwater habitats with the trout, bullfrogs, ducks, lobsters, hammerhead sharks, and starfish. 

After visiting every habitat, Miss Lassek’s students worked in pairs to share what they learned about one animal. They shared their animal’s habitat, what food they eat, and two interesting facts. The students were able to use EpicBooks to find their information then they created a flipbook and a poster to share with their classmates. It was the first step into research for first grade!


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