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FPS to Offer Free Breakfast and Lunch to All Students!

I am pleased to announce that, beginning Friday, Sept. 11, 2020, we will be able to provide ALL Fairbury Public School students free breakfast and free lunch, we hope, through December 22, 2020 (our last day of first semester).  This is the result of US Secretary of Agriculture Purdue extending our authorization for the Summer Food Service Program!

Here are several key pieces of information:

  1.  AllFairbury Public School students enrolled are eligible for one breakfast and one lunch free per day, regardless of eligibility.
  2. Only complete meals will be free.  Any “seconds”, A La Carte items or extras will be charged accordingly, this includes milk if your child brings lunch from home.
  3. Because this program will end on December 31, 2020, if you believe you are eligible for Free/Reduced meals with the regular School Lunch Program,you must complete and send applications now.  The grace period from last year will be over on September 30th.  When the Summer Food Service Program ends in December, and you have not completed your application, meals served will be charged to your child’s account, beginning in January.
  4.  Any charges incurred before Sept 1 will need to be paid, this includes any balance left from last year.
  5.  All balances will remain on student accounts until January. Money may be used for seconds and a la carte items, if you do not allow your child to purchase extras, a notation can be made on their account.
  6. This only lasts as long as the Federal funds are available.  Through December 31 or possibly before.

Stephen L. Grizzle, Superintendent
Fairbury Public Schools
“It’s a GREAT day to be a Jeff!”