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NHS elects officers in first meeting

Right: NHS members Alissa York ’22, Harlie Blas ’21, Taylor Gustafson ’21, Keely Schramm ’21 and Maggie Layton ’21 actively listen during the meeting. First-year members had the opportunity to finally attend an official meeting after the formal induction and all other gatherings last school year were postponed or cancelled due to Covid-19.

National Honor Society elected this year’s officers and previewed some upcoming dates in its first meeting on Thursday, Sep. 17.

This was the first meeting since the unofficial “kidnapping” induction of new members back in March. A new date for the formal induction has yet to be announced. NHS advisor Mrs. Julie Petersen used this gathering to welcome new members and provide an overview of the organization’s values and involvement.

“I am looking forward to giving back to the community through the volunteer opportunities that are given to me by the club.” Alex Buxton ’22 said.

One of the first orders of business was the election of officers. President Brynn Novotny, elected as President-Elect last year as a junior, will serve alongside Buxton (Vice President/President-Elect, Point Chart Recorder), Lindsey Korthals ’21 (Secretary) and Keely Schramm ’21 (Reporter). Some of these individuals have already begun brainstorming ideas for their new roles.

“Right now, we have a Twitter page. However, I’d like to start an Instagram account for [NHS] because I find people use it more often,” Schramm said. “I’m excited to be a part of the NHS officer team. I decided to become the Reporter to strengthen my leadership skills and learn to balance responsibilities.”

NHS will have several opportunities to continue its work in the school and community, including its partnership with Nebraska Community Blood Bank to hold blood drives at Fairbury High School and the conduction of the Veterans Day convocation.

National Honor Society President Brynn Novotny ’21 presides over the meeting by reading through the agenda. Some topics addressed in the meeting included officer elections, important dates and a review of the four pillars: Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character. Photo by Lindsey Korthals

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