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Tam Ruhnke Receives Jeffs’ Best Award!

The Jeffs’ Best Award was created by the Fairbury Public Schools Board of Education to highlight and celebrate the great work of our staff.On behalf of the Board of Education, I would like to congratulate Tam Ruhnke, Jefferson 5th Grade Teacher, as the recipient of the November Jeffs’ Best Award!

Here was the nomination statement:
“I would like to nominate Tam Ruhnke for the Jeffs Best award. I have known Tam for many years and have witnessed her dedication to our school system and her students. She is always trying to better herself as a teacher by learning new technologies for student engagement, trying new teaching techniques, and adapting to every change come what may. She never lets herself get stagnant. She keeps learning and growing as an educator. If she see a new teaching idea or technology tool, she will check it out and see if it can help any of her students.
When teachers were having to teach from home this last spring, Tam was trying to make sure she kept relationship building by connecting with her students outside of class time. When a student needed help, she made herself available at all times of the day. She didn’t just worry about their personal lives but made sure they were keeping up with academics. She made many personal phone calls to parents and students to make sure they were understanding the content she was teaching.
Tam has served on many committees throughout her years at Fairbury Public Schools. She has been an integral part of the School Improvement Team and now the district and Jefferson MTSS teams. She also serves on the technology committee, reading/language arts committee and Superintendent’s Faculty Advisory Committee. She never complains when asked to serve, she just does it.
She is a model teacher for our new teachers and a dedicated employee. She rarely asked for personal time off, even if she has days available. She is there for her grade level team and help in any way possible.
Tam works hard for her students and our district. She is at school many days before the sun rises and never complains when having to stay for late meetings or school activities. That shows her dedication. Please consider Tam for this recognition.