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BNFF vs. Lincoln North Star Swim Results

Congrats to Lily Davis. She scored 300.70 and automatically qualified for the state dive meet. Camryn Wisnieski and Lily Davis will represent BNFF at the state meet on Feb 25 in Lincoln.

Both the girl’s and boy’s teams came away with a win tonight against Lincoln North Star. The girls are currently undefeated in their dual competitions. We have a lot of depth and many talented swimmers on both our boys and girls teams.  Everyone has contributed greatly to our successes this season.  This has been a tough week for the team, many were not able to practice at all this week due to the weather, and some only were able to have one practice this week.

Our swimmers work very hard at practice and many have goals to qualify and improve their times before the state meet.  We have asked a lot from both the girl’s and our boy’s teams, to step out of their comfort zones and try new events

Many have shown strong leadership skills, some of them are: Seniors, Josi Mans, Averi Kolb, Hannah Essink, Bri Knothe, Noah Bratt,  Juniors:, Laci Havlat, Ian Scheele, Kolton Kirchhoff, Jaidyn Vanschoiack, Linnea Edeal, Erika Kroecker, and many others that are also willing to swim whatever events the team needs filled.

First place finishes:

Girls Medley Relay: Jaidyn Vanschoaick, Crystal Craft, Averi Kolb, Delaney Biesecker

Boys Medley Relay; Ian Scheele, Reed Mueller, Cole Rogge, Isaiah Jacobsen

200 free- Ian Scheele

200 Individual Medley- Jessica Craft

50 Freestyle- Laci Havlat- Isaiah Jacobsen

Diving- Callum Olmer’

100 butterfly-Cole Rogge

100 Freestyle- Laci Havlat- Isaiah Jacobsen

500 freesstyle- Josi Mans

Girls 200 freestyle relay; Laci Havlat, Averi Kolb, Jaidyn Vanschoaick, Josi Mans

Boys 200 freestyle relay; Noah Pomajzl, Reed Mueller, Isaiah Jacobsen, Ian Scheele

100 breaststroke – Crystal Craft

Girls 400 freestyle relay; Laci Havlat, Delaney Biesecker, Crystal Craft, Josi Mans

2nd place finishes

200 freestyle- Jaidyn Vanschoiack- Cole Rogge

200 individual medley- Linnea Edeal- Caleb Oltman

50 freestyle- Josi Mans

Diving- Hayden Stevens

100 butterfly- Crystal Craft

100 freestyle- Delaney Biesecker- Noah Pomajzl

500 freestyle- Maddie Nielsen- Ian Scheele

100 backstroke- Jaidyn Vanschoiack

100 breaststroke- Maya Hutzler

Girls 400 freestyle relay- Linnea Edeal, Maya Hutzler, Jessica Craft, Kati Malina

Boys 400 freestyle relay- Cole Rogge Noah Bratt, Kolton Kirchhoff, Noah Pomajzl

Lincoln North Star vs. BNFF Results

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