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Great Showing by Beatrice/Norris/Fairbury/Freeman Swim Team

Beatrice/Norris/Fairbury/Freeman 110
Columbus                                     63
Beatrice/Norris/Fairbury/Freeman 101
Columbus                                     74
It was nice to come away with a win for both the girl’s and boy’s team tonight.The girls are currently undefeated in their dual competitions. We have a lot of depth and many talented swimmers on the team this season. So, we are able to have many swimmers compete in different events, and that contributed greatly to our success. But, having many other athletes to help us fill all the events and spread out the points has also contributed to the girls and boys team success. Also, having swimmers and divers who are willing to compete in different events helped us achieve the win, 29 personal best swims, 16 first place finishes and 12 second place finishes.
First Place Finishes:
Girls Medley Relay –Josi Mans, Crystal Craft, Mikwena Lierman, Mikya Lierman
Boys Medley R elay- Ian Scheele, Reed Mueller, Cole Rogge, Isaiah Jacobsen
Mikya Lierman – 200 Individual Medley and 100 Butterfly
Ian Scheele- 200 Individual Medley and 100 backstroke
Josi Mans – 100 Backstroke
Mikwena Lierman- 50 freestyle and 100 freestyle
Isaiah Jacobsen- 50 freestyle
Camryn Wisnieski – diving
Callum Olmer- diving
Noah Pomajzl- 100 freestyle
Laci Havlat 500 freestyle
Girls 200 freestyle relay- Mikya Lierman, Crystal Craft, Jaidyn Vanschoiack, Mikwena Lierman
Boys 200 freestyle relay- Noah Pomajzl, Reed Mueller, Isaiah Jacobsen, Ian Scheele
Crystal Craft- 100 Breaststroke

2nd place finishes
Laci Havlat- 200 freestyle
Jaidyn Vanschoiack- 100 individual Medley
Noah Pomajzl – 50 freestyle
Hayden Stevens- diving
Lily Davis- Diving
Josi Mans- 100 freestyle

Time F/P/S Relay Place Points Improvements
Noah Bratt- 100 freestyle
Maddie Nielsen- 500 freestyle
Reed Mueller- 100 backstroke
Levi Puchalla- 100 breaststroke
Girls 400 free relay: Jaidyn Vanschoiack, Averi Kolb, Josi Mans, Laci Havlat
Boys 400 free relay: Cole Rogge, Noah Brat, Kolton Kirchhoff, Noah Pomajzl

Personal best performances:
Maddie Nielsen- 200 freestyle and 500 freestyle
Ericka Kroeker- 200 freestyle and 500 freestyle
Kolton Kirchhoff- 200 freestyle aned 500 freestyle
Ian Scheele- 200 Individual Medley
Averi Kolb – 50 freestyle
Delaney Biesecker- 50 freestyle aned 100 freestyle
Aly Kuzelka- 50 freestyle
Mackenzie Riesen- 50 freestyle
Isaiah Jacobsen- 50 freestyle and 100 butterfly
Noah Pomajzl- 50 freestyle
Tagg DeBoer- diving and 50 freestyle
Mikya Lierman – 100 butterfly
Crystal Craft- 100 freestyle
Ava Bolli- 100 freestyle
Allison Ford- 100 freestyle
Callum Olmer- 100 freestyle and 50 freestyle
Josi Mans- 100 backstroke
Jaidyn Vanschoaick- 100 backstroke
Elise Van Cleave- 100 backstroke
Reed Mueller- 100 backstroke
Alayna Elwood- 100 breaststroke
Cole Rogge- 100 freestyle
Next competition for the team is on Thursday, Jan. 28th, with a dual against Lincoln North Star. Meet begins at 4:30