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Digging In…

First-hand Accounts of Teaching and Learning in Fairbury Public Schools.

Intro to Business presented their Food Truck Pitches to a panel of potential investors today. (Mrs. Melissa Dux)

COLT 2021! Fairbury FFA Team Building with the Helium Stick! (Mr. Dux)

No electricity? No problem. Still finding ways to teach and review for finals and projects.

Accounting finals continue even if there are no lights today.

Karly and Madi preparing breakfast casseroles for FHS staff! We appreciate you and Mrs. Beranek!

Math manipulative for hands-on learning with surface area and volume. I used all of these items this morning for 7th grade and geometry!

Field trip to Metal Quest for Industrial Tech. (Mr. Shane Haley)

Cake Wars – An intense Cake Wars competition concluded last week on Culinary. Here are the results: Allison won best All- Around Cake with her cake pictured below. Congratulations Allison!! (Mrs. Emily Manning)

Makena received best decorated cake for her patriotic themed cake (inside and out)!

Nylah got best tasting frosting with her Strawberry Lemonade cake.

Addy received best tasting cake with her s’mores cupcakes!

Mrs. Dux’s 6th Grade Class – Now Seniors

Honors Night.  Congratulations Students!

Our Spanish Club volunteers this morning. Thank you Ethan, Gavin, Jacob, and Zane We know that recycling is necessary to care for the Earth. (Mrs. Johnson)

Intro to Business class presented their International Business Projects today. (Mrs. Melissa Dux)

This guy is doing amazing work!! Our choir sounded fantastic! Great job!! (Mr. Dusso)

Last night FCCLA members helped keep Fairbury beautiful by cleaning up McNish park. So proud of these members who put their community first! (Mrs. Manning)

5th grade students in Mrs. Ruhnke’s class are working together on four tasks to solve the puzzles and clues in an Escape Room Activity! (Mrs. Ruhnke)

Dr. Winter and the Energizers taught a smoking/vaping prevention unit to Jefferson Intermediate School 4th grade students. The unit included several hands on activities. It was a great experience for our 4th graders and they had some amazing questions! (Dr. Emily Winter)

Fairbury FFA Secretaries. 60 year’s apart. Grandpa and granddaughter. Awesome stuff.

What is the best deal for fountain pop in Fairbury? Students calculate volume while using the four Cs of education: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. (Mrs. Julie Petersen)

I challenged them to make the Worst PowerPoint Ever! Over the top animations, poor design, lots of pictures, etc. After all, you have to know the design rules to break them! (Mrs. Melissa Dux)

Check out the cool things happening in STEM (Mrs. Carly Winter)

Skills Students Working on the Playground in Jansen. (Mr. Haley)

Lady Jeffs Win The Dan Tesar Invitational! Scoring 164 points!!

1st Grade “Moosical” (Mrs. Schoenrock)

Prom King and Queen

5th Grade Students Show Creativity (Mrs. Bartels)

 Students at Jefferson are preparing for the Kiwanis Track Meet on May 5th. Thank you Cory Schweitzer for organizing the event and preparing students!

Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Schoenrock and Mr. Schweitzer conducted team building drills. 6th graders completed an activity called “The River”. They had 2 min. to work out a plan to get to “dry” land using scooters, pool noodles and jump ropes.

6th grade students demonstrating a lot of effort in Mrs. Bonar’s Class.They completed a digital “Breakout Room”.

Storm Water Experiments  (4th grade Gerths)

5th and 6th Grade Concert  (Mrs. Schoenrock and Mr. Dusso)

Friday 30 minute challenge: Applying their knowledge of product packaging to create their own themed Happy Meal Box and toy proposal (Mrs. Melissa Dux)

Painting Walls and Building Houses (Mr. Shane Haley)