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Face Painting

We will be offering FACE PAINTING at all Varsity events.  This is a new fundraiser offered by the music department for the upcoming music trip to Chicago.  We hope this can become a new tradition at FHS and continue to fund many more music events and trips.  A face painting area will be set up at all Varsity sporting events around the first 2 hours of the event depending on the event.  Designs do not have to be isolated to the face, they can also be placed on top of hands, foreheads and forearms. The cost is $1.00 per design or $1.50 for glitter designs.  All paint is hypoallergenic and water soluble and washes up quickly with either soap and water or a quick swipe of a make-up wipe. For questions or to sign up and assist with this please contact Mr. Dusso at rdusso@fairburyjeffs.org or Mrs. Furrow or sfurrow@fairburyjeffs.org .