ESSER Fund Use Update

Things to know about our District’s use of the ESSERs Funds:

  • The monies are to be expended under the current rules of budgeting in Nebraska.
    • This means if you are buying “things”, it must run through the general fund.
    • If you are “replacing” things, you must run it through the general fund.
    • If you are constructing/expanding facilities, you must still use Special Building Funds.   This will require us to:
      • expend money from the Special Building Fund
      • receive the Essers Reimbursement into the General Fund
      • transfer the funds into the Special Building Fund as an expense
  • The bottom line of the above, is that the General Fund budget will be “artificially” inflated for the 2021-22 budget year.  These expenses are not typical district expenses and are generally 1 time expenditures of “flow through” funds and NOT local tax dollars.
    • Our 2021-22 Budget increased 16.7%
    • Realistically, without accounting for the ESSERS funds, our budget increased only 2.2% and our tax request has been lowered for the 3rd consecutive year!
  • Here is what we plan to use our ESSERS money for:

Essers II ($586,984.00)

  • HVAC in 2 gym areas
  • Air Purification
  • Replacement of seating in Auditorium
  • Training and Curriculum
  • Technology
  • Attorney/architect fees
  • Vehicles

ESSERS III ($1,319,203.00)

  • New Staff (for 2.5 years, then the district will decide to continue or not). This represents the 20% we must use for learning loss
    • Additional Elem. teacher
    • Additional Special Education teacher
    • Additional School Psychologist
    • Full Time Substitute Teacher
  • HVAC System Improvements
  • Possible expansion of rooms
  • Attorney/Architect Fees

Stephen L. Grizzle, Superintendent
Fairbury Public Schools

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