Summer Strategies for Home

We know that students tend to show a regression over the summer in all academic areas. Research has shown that reading at least six books at their independent reading level helps students maintain their current reading level for the upcoming school year. Reading more than six books has been shown to help some students show growth in reading levels over the summer. 

Summer reading is a great time to teach children to enjoy reading! We recommend checking out our local library program, following along while listening to books on tape, or reading books as a family that have been made into a movie and following up with a movie night! You can also utilize grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins to help make reading fun. Even if the person they want to read with is from another place, they can check out the same book as your child and read and discuss the book on facetime or over the phone. 

We have also provided a list of reading websites and apps that can be utilized at home.

Reading Websites:

Storyline Online

Free Children’s Stories


Tumble Books

International Children’s Digital Library



Oxford Owl – Audio Books

Epic Books



Reading Apps:



Sight Words

Endless Reader

Reading Comprehension

Wanderful Interactive Storybooks

Abc Kids

Khan Academy

Unite for Literacy

ICDL – Books for Children 

Relay Reader


Summer is an excellent time to work on functional math skills. Below are several areas for students to practice math skills that will easily transfer to the classroom. 

  • Doubling/reducing a recipe 
  • Reading an analog clock, knowing how much time has passed, figuring start and end times
  • Money skills such as knowing the value of change, counting and making change, estimating prices
  • Rounding mile marker signs, miles traveled or between towns
  • Verbal math fact practice
  • Measuring with rulers, tape measures, yardsticks

If you have any questions, please reach out to any staff member at Jefferson, including the MTSS Team.


Mrs. Shinn, 3rd Grade Representative Mrs. Barber, 4th Grade Representative

Mrs. Ruhnke, 5th Grade Representative Mr. Evans, 6th Grade Representative

Mrs. Hanson, Intervention Coordinator Mrs. Lucking, Counselor

Mrs. Sadd, Special Education Teacher Mrs. Honold, Principal

Dr. Timmons, Director of Special Education

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