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Jr/Sr High Media Center Adds Makerspaces

The Jr/Sr High School Media Center has recently started its own Makerspace Creation Station to help students have a creative place to work collaboratively on projects together.  Stop in today to work on a project, code some robots, draw with 3D pens, and so much more!  We are always adding and expanding, so if you have an idea you would like to add, talk with Mrs. Carly Winter or Mrs. Janet Beranek today!

7th Graders learning Coding Basics

Mrs. Carly Winter’s block 7-8 class worked on the basics of JavaScript coding today using the Hour of Code from BitsBox.

Students received a basic introduction into the world of online coding.  With BitsBox, students are learning to build their own apps from scratch.  They are given a few basic lines of code to get started, along with a virtual tablet that allows them to see how the apps would play out in real life.

Media Center adds new Reading Corner!

The Jr/Sr High School Media Center is always striving to promote a reading and learning environment for students that they enjoy!  We have added a new reading corner for the students that is the perfect place to “Curl up with a good book and read”.  Come check it out today!


Golden Sowers at the Jr/Sr High Library

On top of our State Capitol building in Lincoln, NE there stands a statue known as the “Sower”, standing barefoot and sowing the seeds from his bag.  This is symbolic to our state as we continue to be a major agricultural state, and therefore the Sower was chosen as the symbol of the Nebraska Children’s Choice Literary Award.

According to the Nebraska Library Association, we hope that these books will sow seeds which will:

“Stimulate children’s thinking, introduce different types of literature, encourage independent reading, increase library skills, and foster an appreciation for excellence in writing and illustrating.”

Students across Nebraska are encouraged to vote for their favorite book out of the 10 nominated titles for each category: Primary, Intermediate, and Young Adult.  The due date for this voting is April 15.  For more information about online voting and book information, visit the links below!

Golden Sower Voting

Information for Young Adult Book Nominees

Our Jr/Sr High School Library is proud to provide all 10 of the Young Adult titles to our students each year, and currently we have them on display for checkout in the media center.  Stop in, find one that interests you, and let the voting begin!


IMG_8756 IMG_8757

One to One Rollout A Success!

The students and staff at Fairbury Jr/Sr High School have spent the last day and a half before Christmas break learning about their new Chromebooks and all the awesome features they will be able to use for their classes next semester!  We had a great turnout for the parent meetings and cannot thank our parents enough for their great support of this amazing opportunity for Fairbury Public Schools.  It truly is a great day to be a Jeff!  #JeffPride

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