Fairbury Jr-Sr High Dedicates New Sign

Fairbury Jr-Sr High School recently dedicated a new sign near the entrance to the school drive that was generously donated by Endicott Clay Products. The latest sign is a bigger, better version, and there were contributions from former FHS graduates on the design and construction that make it even more special.

Mr. Gary Davis of Endicott Clay Products worked with Fairbury Public Schools administration to invite interested students to come up with possible design options for the new sign. After reviewing the designs submitted, Taylor Miller’s (‘14) rendition was chosen. There were some minor design modifications, but the essence of her original drawings inspired the creation of the new sign that depicts Fairbury Public School’s commitment to activities, the arts, and scholarly pursuits. Fairbury graduates, Jared Starr (‘94) and Justin Bennett (‘99) donated their time to complete all the masonry work on the project.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to drive by and see the new sign at the top of hill, please do so. We are very fortunate to have Endicott Clay Products and former graduates who are so willing to use their time and talents to bless Fairbury Public Schools with this beautiful new sign!!

2nd Grade Field Trip

The second graders spent the day at the Hastings Museum’s Native American Festival.  The students watched the Mini Moccasins Dance Troupe, created a pot, watched Tiny Giants a 3D movie, heard Native American spirit stories, explored the museum, as well as many other activities!


Circle of Security Parenting Class Series

The Circle of Security Parenting Class series is being offered in each of the 5 PHS Counties (Fillmore, Gage, Saline, Jefferson and Thayer) for 2016.

These are sponsored by the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation and are FREE to parents.

Strengthening families is a priority within our 5 counties. This series is considered to be a “promising practice” and is outstanding. This is a great benefit for our communities and FAMILIES.

For more information contact Stephanni Renn, Circle of Security Coordinator at 402-239-5920 or srenn@nebraskachildren.org

St. Jude’s Christmas Cards

As a member of St. Jude Children of Hope my family and I get updates and information about children receiving treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  This month we received another letter about a little girl who only wanted a Christmas card for her Christmas wish.  To say that the letter left a lasting impact on myself, is an understatement.  I told my class about the letter and they decided that they wanted to give to the kids as well.  So, Mr. Evans 6th grade class made 30-40 Christmas cards and are sending them to the children at St. Jude’s hospital.


Jefferson 3rd Graders Study Pottery

The third graders at Jefferson Intermediate School learned in their Enrichment class about pottery, then and now. They learned that the Native Americans took pride in creating their pottery by hand using the methods of pinching and coiling. Archeologists have found many of these primitive pots over the years. In the past pottery was created for practical uses rather than the artwork of the piece.

The students learned the basic method for making coil and pinch pots. The clay we used came from Endicott Clay. The students learned about where and how it was gathered in much the same way the Native Americans gathered their clay from the earth. However, the Native Americans would try to make their clay stronger by mixing other materials into it like sand, plants, or shells. The students learned the clay needed to be kneaded to remove air bubbles. They had to roll the clay into ropes or coils and building them up on top of a round base to make the coil pots. The Native Americans would usually pinch their coils until they blended together so that the pots had smooth surfaces. The students like many artists left their coils to add to the decorative look of the pottery.
The Native Americans would then put their pottery in a fire pit and heat it to around 1,500 degrees. The students clay pots were glazed and sent up to the high school to be fired in a kiln after they air dried. The clay pots were done just in time for Christmas. Most of the students will use their clay pots for gifts.

Molly’s Pilgrim

Before Thanksgiving, Mrs. Shinn’s class read the book entitled Molly’s Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen. Students took home 2 clothespins, and with the help from family,​ made a clothespin pilgrim and Indian doll to go with the book. Students made the clothespin doll at home. I sent home a clothespin, a note, explaining this a little more. It is one of my favorite books. The students enjoyed the story and the movie made from the book. It has such a sweet message about differences, modern day pilgrims, and accepting others. I was so amazed at all the creative pilgrim and Indian dolls! Thank you for your help with this project and Happy Thanksgiving to all my students and their families!

Energizers’ Drug-Free Mascot Contest

Energizers was excited to sponsor a drug-free mascot design contest for Central Elementary School. The Energizers members voted on the submissions to select the winner. The winning design was by Daniel C. in Mrs. Wanamaker’s 2nd grade class.

Energizers officers were excited to present the plush mascot in a ceremony last week. All of the submissions were used to decorate the high school for Red Ribbon week. Thanks to all students that participated and we look forward to seeing the new mascot around Central school helping promote our drug-free message.

Construction Class Builds Deck

Students in Mr. Scott’s construction class are building a deck in Gladstone.  The purpose of the deck was improve accessibility and add curb appeal to the home.  Students learned how to calculate area, create a materials list,  layout step risers, and use a variety of tools such as a router, drill and skill saw.  IMG_3765

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