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Crete Softball Invitational 2019

FHS Softball Invite 2019 – 2015

The last day to be considered to have met your 20 time minimum attendance in the weight room is Friday, July 31st.  Those that have not met the minimum requirement will have an extra day of conditioning for every session under the 20 time goal.


2..All physicals need to be complete prior to August 3rd in order to begin conditioning.  Please bring them to practice or turn them in to the office prior to our first conditioning day.

3.  Pre-season conditioning will be the week of August 3-7th. I would suggest wearing softball pants on the 3rd if you have them.
      August 3rd:  8:30-9:30 at the fields
      August 4th:  3:45-4:45 at the HS-lifting and 50 yd sprints
                          3 p.m. ALL 9TH GRADERS WILL COMPLETE IMPACT TESTING                                        IN THE MEDIA CENTER

      August 5th:  3:45-4:45 at the fields

      August 6th:  3:45-4:45 at the HS-lifting then conditioning
      August 7th:  7-8 a.m. at the fields
4.  Practice begins Monday, August 10th from 3:30-5:30
5.  Mandatory Booster Bash, Thursday August 13th.  Serving of food begins at 5:30 (not mandatory) with the MANDATORY guest speaker beginning at 6:30, and MANDATORY parent meeting immediately following the speaker.
6.  First contest will be Thursday, August 20th vs. Freeman @Freeman.  We will have a lot to do in 8 days!!
7.  Each of you will be supplied with 2 pairs of practice pants as well as 3 practice shirts in addition to your UNL camp t-shirt that you can also wear for practice. YOU should come game prepared for every practice by wearing pants, shirt, sliders, etc.  You will be expected to slide and be game like each and every practice.
8.  Please supply your own water bottles during conditioning week and we will supply during regular practices.
9.  Beginning August 10th, you are not allowed to participate in any kind of softball related tryout, camp, or contest until our season is completed in October.
10.  I also do not want to see cell phones out during any practice!  Leave them in your bat bag, school bag or car.
11.  As you all know from last year, Tony provides extra, non-mandatory, hitting practice on Sundays, typically at1 p.m.  I would highly encourage all of you to attend if at all possible!  Do you want to get better???
12.  One last tidbit, we have players who are trying to organize team bonding activities (swimming, eating supper together, etc) and I encourage everyone to participate.  We all know that in girls sports, the key to a successful season is everyone getting along!  When you enjoy the people you play with and make an effort to bond with others, your level of play responds accordingly.  MAKE AN EFFORT!
If you have any questions let me know.  This is the year of “Fairbury Brand Softball” and you are all  key ingredients in making the recipe a success!