Parker Ranger Visits Second Grade

Nick Manes, Park Ranger from the Homestead National Monument in Beatrice showed many different animal skins during his “Skins and Skulls” presentation on September 22 to the Second Graders at Central.  The students were able to touch and feel many different animal pelts while they learned different facts about each animals.   One fact the students all learned that was interesting was that a skunk usually gives three warnings prior to actually spraying.


Star Spangled Banner National Sing-a-long

Our students at Jefferson were among many in our nation that took part in a national sing-a-long event to remember those that were lost in the attacks on 9/11.  At 12:00 (C.T.) students stopped what they were doing and sang The Star Spangled Banner all together.

Mrs. Bigley and Mrs. Erikson took time in music class to teach our students how to sing The Star Spangled Banner.  They also taught the students the history behind why it was written and the meaning of much of the vocabulary in the lyrics.

Math Help at Home

Many parents read to their children at home with the goal of helping their child appreciate literature and become good readers.  However, don’t miss an opportunity to integrate math skills into reading.

Skills needed to bring meaning to reading can also help bring meaning to math tasks as well.  Both require decoding symbols – reading requires using sound-symbol relationships while math symbols indicate numerical processes.  Both require a knowledge of vocabulary to gain contextual meaning.  By discussing mathematics within a story, the child is more actively engaged in the story and is analyzing it, rather than just passively listening.  The use of story books moves the child away from the calculation side of mathematics and towards the real-life applications of math.

Here are some books you may want to read with your child:

Fraction Fun House:   D.A. Adler,(1996)

Anno’s Mysterious Multiplying Jar:  M. Anno and M. Ammo (1983)

The M&M’s Brand Chocolate Candies Counting Book: B.B> McGrath (1994)
12 Ways to Get to 11:  E. Merriam  (1993)

Divide and Ride:  S.M. Murphy  (1997)

One Hundred Hungry Ants:  E.J. Pinczes  (1993)

The Right Number of Elephants:  J. Sheppard  (1990)

From One to One Hundred:  T. Sloat  (1991)

The Doorbell Rang.  P. Hutchins  (1986)

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.  E. Christelow  (1989)

Grandparents Day At Central School

The hallways of Central Elementary were a little more busy Monday, September 14th.  Central celebrated it’s annual Grandparent and Grandfriend Day.  The school welcomed all grandparents and grandfriends to attend the celebration.  Our guests enjoyed refreshments, a school-wide tour, and a chance to spend some time in the classroom where they made a craft and enjoyed some quality time with their grandchild.  The celebration was a great success and there was an awesome turnout!    

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