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FHS Students Visit SCC in Milford

September 19, 2018, Mr. Scott and ten FHS students had the privilege to tour Southwest Community College in Milford for their annual Career Construction Days.  The group consisted of FHS juniors and seniors.   Students had to sign up in advance online and request three areas of study that are offered at the college in Milford.

The day started off with Fairbury students and many other students from area schools all in a big gymnasium for an opening session where they listened to a guest speaker.  They were all given a bag that contained information about the college.  Next they were divided into roughly 28 different groups each containing a tour guide.  There were teachers, students and volunteers there guiding the students from building to building.

Some of the areas of study that FHS students went to were Computer Aided Drafting, Auto body Repair, Construction, Masonry, Electrical and HVAC, Diesel Mechanics, Heavy Equipment Operation and Automotive Service and Maintenance.

It was a nice day and the weather was great.  It was a rewarding visit and many found that the two year programs of study are what they really want today.  Two year programs can land students great jobs.  We even got to see a couple of graduates from last year on campus.  Those students were nice to show us around and answer questions the younger students had.