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Third Graders Attend Homestead Science Day

The 3rd grade students from Jefferson Intermediate enjoyed attending Homestead Science Day on May 14th. Events like this use STEM activities to teach and inspire students to learn and maybe spark a desire in them to someday become explore jobs in the science field.  The weather was wonderful for this event!  All of the third grade students worked three rotations at the Education Center or the original Homestead Building.  These were the three rotations:

  1. Zipline – Students worked in teams and had a certain amount of supplies they could use to create a container to carry two ping pong balls racing down a zipline the fastest and safest to a concrete block without the two balls falling out.
  2. Sod Houses – Students learned about the history and importance of sod houses to the homesteaders. Then the students were given supplies to attempt to create their own sod house.
  3. The sun and it’s magnetic field. A couple astronomers that were at Homestead taught the students about magnetic fields and how they affect our world.  Students were also able to look at the sun through a special and very expensive telescope.  Last the students took a walk through the planets and their place in space in relation to the sun. 

A special thank you to Matt and Patrick for their work and ESU5 for sponsoring the event. Click here for pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/U1sH6wuUpdCNsZyV6