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Be the “i” in Kind

Third grade students at Jefferson Intermediate are learning how to SOAR. (Be Safe, Organized, Accountable, and Responsible). However, the students are also learning how to promote kindness and caring behaviors. Teachers know that one way to teach these qualities in the classrooms is to model them. Teachers have already witnessed this year, both staff and students practicing what it LOOKS and SOUNDS like to be kind. By seeing kindness in action, and already practicing it, there is a far greater chance students will repeat those modeled behaviors. As children watch and imitate those around them, it is important that they see great examples of kindness not only at school but at home as well. Teachers also are encouraging the third grade students to be models of kindness for younger students and siblings. Our mission this year it to make sure caring and kindness behaviors are being “caught” and “taught” at Jefferson Intermediate. 

Mrs. Shinn’s students wanted to send a powerful message about what they have learned and used the green screen in her classroom to capture their stand on kindness. The class then chose a song about kindness to show how they feel about being the “I” in kind this school year.

Produced with permission – Song Kind-Hearted Hand by Peter Seltser & Kids for Peace