Melissa Dux Receives Secondary Educator of the Year Award

Melissa Dux received the Mountain-Plains Business Education Association Outstanding Contributions to Business Education by a Secondary Teacher of the Year. According to an administrator at her school, Melissa is dedicated to her craft. You can see that by the time she has spent in learning and always perfecting her Business Class Teachings.

Two Masters Degrees don’t just happen overnight. She started teaching at our school in 2013 and has gained or achieved so many experiences since then. And the best of it is, she then passes the knowledge gained from those experiences onto her students. Not only does she pass it on to students, but she shares it with other teachers in our school and our state and even on the national level. In this light she has become an Exceptional Teacher, Peer and Mentor.

She often works and researches different topics so that she can incorporate that brand new, up to date information in her classes. This type of information would be more related to actual business dealings and not just theory. This makes the lesson more realistic in its concept of what the students will experience in their future jobs as business leaders. By doing this the students experience fun, new and invigorating projects or lessons.

Humility is a key trait of Melissa. She is very approachable by students, parents, staff and administration. Even though she is quite possibly one of the best teachers I have ever met, you would never know that as she exhibits great Humility. Nothing is too big or too small for her. She is a team player within the school system, a leader and mentor to fellow teachers and students and above all just a great person to be around.

Congradulations, Melissa!

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