Carly Winter Receives the Jeffs’ Best Award!

The Jeffs’ Best Award was created by the Fairbury Public Schools Board of Education to highlight and celebrate the great work of our staff. On behalf of the Board of Education, I would like to congratulate Mrs. Carly Winter, as the recipient of the February Jeffs’ Best Award! Carly is the Library/Media Specialist and Technology Assistant at the Jr. Sr. High School, and this is her nomination statement:

Carly is the jack-of-all-trades in our building. She is quick to help and pitch in. She troubleshoots our issues and solves all of our tech woes. She is a wonderful resource for solving a variety of problems. She is flexible and constantly covering classes, and helping other teachers out. Carly plays a key role in orienting new staff, and continues to provide assistance year-round. Carly is always smiling and creative in offering solutions. I have no doubt that she does 100 things for each of us a day that we will never know about. She is truly one of our most valuable building assets and deserves to be recognized.
Carly is an irreplaceable asset to Fairbury Public Schools! To say that she wears multiple hats throughout every day is an understatement. Carly never hesitates to help a staff member who needs some help with technology in a pinch. I know that I have had moments when filling out the tech help isn’t going to be fast enough and she always will pop in to my room to help me last minute. Carly also has done great things in the media center making it a warm and inviting place with amazing books, seating, maker spaces, puzzles just to name a few. Carly does all of this not to mention how she has created our JH STEM classes all on her own. The kids have created some really cool projects including a mini golf course they shared with the whole school in the media center. On top of that she never hesitates to jump in and cover a class or help anyone that makes help. Carly is clearly a person that our school would struggle without and we are blessed to have her on staff.
She always drops what she is doing (I interrupted her class once so she could help me figure out a computer issue) to help out with technical problems. Always goes out of her way to help
Carly is invaluable and versatile in what she provides to FPS. Teachers and administrators rely on her to provide assistance with technology, the media center, and pretty much anything else when things go haywire. She has been pulled from her media center and teaching responsibilities and times that are certainly inconvenient to her, but she is willing to help at all buildings regardless of the need. She is an easy choice.
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