Central Elementary Adds a Sensory Path

Central Elementary has added a sensory path, “brain break”, for students to use throughout the day.  Tip toeing on flowers, balancing on a snake, jumping on logs, wall pushes, spinning, walking heel toe, and reaching for the stars, are a few of the activities students can participate in as they make their way through the sensory path. During these exercises, students are building brain connections responsible for interpreting information from their sensory system.

The sensory path can offer students an opportunity to:

  • Self-regulate
  • Organize their bodies
  • Prepare themselves for the appropriate arousal levels for their classroom academic success

The sensory path, being a means for sensory regulation, can reduce sensory seeking behaviors, increase energy levels when needed, and provide a structured break when a student may need time to decompress. Movement and exercise enable blood flow and efficient circulation throughout the body. As a result, students can show increased focus and attention to their academics as well as increased cognitive functioning.

In addition to a “brain break”, this sensory path can allow students to further develop and practice motor skills such as:

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Body and spatial awareness
  • Graded movement (impulse) control
  • Visual-motor skills

In the classroom, there are many motor-based skills that are correlated to academics such as sitting still; paying attention; speaking and communication; handwriting; motor imitation of demonstrations (how to add, divide, sound out a word, etc.); following directions; and so much more!

A Special “Thank You!”

Thank you to the following local businesses and departments at FHS for participating in the Fairbury High School Transitional Work Based Learning Program.
Juniors and seniors that receive special education services may have the opportunity to earn credits while also learning on-the-job skills as part of the transition component of their IEP.
This semester students participated at a variety of locations.  We appreciate their willingness to give students additional opportunities outside of the classroom setting to learn new skills!
-Scherbarth ACE Hardware
-3rd Street Body & Glass
-FPS Maintenance Department
-FPS Food Services
-Whispering Acres

Vacant Lot Project

The purpose of the Vacant Lot Project is to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit, involvement in the community, communication skills, and collaborative teamwork.

Students in College Entrepreneurship and Introduction to Business Classes were challenged to come up with ideas for  further development of the lot on the corner of 4th and D street in Fairbury. A sample of community members were asked to provide input regarding what they believe our community needs. Based on the information gathered, classmates Jax Biehl, Ethan McCown, James Olds, and Ethan Smith made decisions about what they believed would be the most feasible opportunities for development. Students took aerial photos of the lot using a drone  to create a visual for the two development options. The proposal was presented to the Fairbury Planning Commision.

Jesse Lugenbeel Receives the Jeffs’ Best Award!

The Jeffs’ Best Award was created by the Fairbury Public Schools Board of Education to highlight and celebrate the great work of our staff. On behalf of the Board of Education, I would like to congratulate Jesse Lugenbeel, Fairbury Public Schools Maintenance, as the recipient of the December Jeffs’ Best Award!  These are his nomination statements:
He is always willing the lend a helping hand and doesn’t complain about the work load he is given.
Jesse has done an amazing job stepping in to his new position. He has been going above and beyond to make sure that the secretaries have what they need.  
He also goes out of his way to get things where they need to go.
Jesse is an amazing person. He is always on top of making sure our building is not only clean, but in working order every day. He has gone out of his way to help rearrange our classrooms in order to make the best learning environments possible for our students. He is always helpful and friendly and does amazing work for us. It is obvious he takes pride in his work and it shows! Jesse is a true asset to Fairbury Public Schools and one of the behind the scenes people who keeps our district operating smoothly!

Soup It Up ~ Big Success!

Thank you to all the people who supported the Soup It Up Food Market Fundraiser! Without the soup donations, volunteers for setting up, serving and cleaning up, and gate helpers, we couldn’t do this event!
Thanks also to Connie Schouboe for helping with the bowl painting! What a fun project!
We appreciate all your hard work and support! This year was another huge success!
And…congratulations to Nick from the Sheriff’s Department on the 2021 Golden Ladle win! #jeff pride
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