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Fairbury Jr-Sr High School Conducts Apply2College Campaign

On October 19th, seniors at Fairbury Jr-Sr High School took part in the Apply2College Campaign which was created by EducationQuest.  All seniors were asked to apply to at least 1 college of their choice with the assistance from Mrs. Biehl and a rep from UNO.  Thirty seniors were present for the campaign and 36 college applications were submitted.  The philosophy behind this campaign is to promote the college going rate by having seniors who otherwise might think they would not get accepted to college, be able to see that they can.  This also allows students to receive guidance during the application process as it can be overwhelming at times.  In addition to applying to the different colleges, seniors promoted which college they had applied to as well as decorated a cupcake with the college school colors.  Students and staff were also encouraged to wear college apparel from either the college they had attended, a sibling has attended or one they most interested in attending.  All in all, this was a great event for students and staff!