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STEM Class Busy With Stop Motion AND Robotics!

8th graders in Mrs. Carly Winter’s new STEM class have been focusing on Stop Motion Photography this quarter.  Stop Motion Photography is “an animation technique in which the subject is manipulated in between photographs to give the appearance of movement once the frames are spliced together.”  This means students must take 600 photos to create a video that is 1 minute long at 10 frames per second.  They will create 3 unique videos, all increasing in length and difficulty.  In the first video, students were given the same supplies as everyone else; 3 dollars in change.  For their next video students will have free range to choose any supplies they can think of.  And for their last video, they will be paired up and will be creating videos that include themselves as the props!

Students in Mrs. Carly Winter’s 7th Grade STEM class are also focusing on Robotics this quarter!  Our resident Robotics expert Mr. David Camara has been teaching them to code their robots and use different sensors to avoid obstacles, stay in a designated area, and drives autonomously.  In March, 4 students will be selected based on their participation, as well as their behaviors and academics in their other classes, to go to the Robotics Competition at ESU 5 in Beatrice to compete against area schools for the Robotics Championship title.