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Andrea Hynek Receives Jeffs’ Best Award!

The Jeffs’ Best Award was created by the Fairbury Public Schools Board of Education to highlight and celebrate the great work of our staff.On behalf of the Board of Education, I would like to congratulate Andrea Hynek, Jefferson Office Secretary, as the recipient of the February Jeffs’ Best Award!

Here were the nomination statements:

I’m nominating Andrea Hynek because she is absolutely essential to Jefferson Intermediate. Truly, I could not ask for a better administrative assistant. I’m able to delegate tasks to her, which she completes without hesitation.  She has built and sustained meaningful relationships with staff and students. If I’m responding to a situation, I can depend on Andrea to keep things running smoothly. She is dedicated to Jefferson and Fairbury Public Schools and always does what is best for students.  
Andrea is the backbone to our school and the wearer of many hats. She comes to school each day with a can-do attitude, smile, and and the ability to keep our school running smoothly. Not only does she have a great relationship with staff but has an excellent relationship with all of the students that come through our doors, even those that are the most difficult. She is always thinking three steps ahead of the game. Not only does she answer the phone and man the front office, but she acts as the school nurse, makes extra copies, fixes the copy machine, helps us with ordering needed supplies, helps us to access resources, sends friendly reminders, helps with tech support during this crazy time of online learning, etc. etc. etc. She has such special relationships with all of the students. I have several students that have some behavior issues and need some extra positive support and feedback. She is that person. They love to go and show her their check in /check out sheets at the end of the day when they have a great day. She is such a deserving candidate for this award. She serves as great face for Jefferson Intermediate and brings warmth to our building and all that enter it.
 Andrea is such a valued team member of Jefferson! She is a problem solver, a healthcare worker, always has a positive attitude, and is tireless in assisting everyone in the building. She truly is one of Jeff’s Best!!
Andrea goes above and beyond to help out all students, and all staff! I have seen her multi-task several things at one time, and always has a smile on her face while doing them! And she is great at her job duties, too! We are blessed to have her!
Andrea is an excellent representative for the Jeff community and District 8. She is positive, kind, helpful, friendly, and is extremely supportive to everyone in the building, in the district, and the community. She can shift gears at a second’s notice. Our school is a much better place when she is there!!
Congratulations Andrea!