Fairbury Public Schools MTSS Overview

MTSS stands for multi-tiered systems of support.  It is a systematic approach to supporting students academically, behaviorally, emotionally and socially.  It is based on decades of research and supported and encouraged to be utilized by the state and federal department of education.

MTSS is really another way of saying, “We have a plan for how we help students who struggle, academically or behaviorally.”

Tier 1 refers to the things that we do for all students.  

Tier 2 refers to additional support for some students.

Tier 3 refers to the more intensive support for a few students.

Research shows that when implemented with fidelity, 80-85% of students will respond to practices in place at Tier 1.  An additional 10-12% of students in Tier 2 intervention will respond to practice in place at Tier 2.  Finally, 1-3% of students will respond to the intensive level of support at Tier 3. Students move throughout the process,  more or less intensive, based on their data (level of need).

Here is a visual that represents MTSS.

Students receive services at all levels, depending on need.


Behavior/Social Emotional

Tier 1

Evidence based core curriculum implemented with fidelity

High leverage instructional practices

Clearly defined, posted and taught Expectations

Positive recognition for positive behaviors

Teach pro-social behaviors

Positive relationships

Tier  2

(in addition to Tier 1)

Evidence based intervention curriculum implemented with fidelity to small groups of students


Small group instruction to teach missing skills

Tier 3

(In addition to Tier 2)

Evidence based intervention curriculum implemented with fidelity to individual students


Individual instruction to teach missing skills

Individual plans based on student function

All students will receive Tier 1 support. As needed they may receive an additional layer of support with Tier 2 or 3.

Another way of thinking about “layers of support” is to think about an ice cream sundae. 

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3

Tier 1 is the ice cream.  To have a sundae, you have to have ice cream so everyone gets ice cream.

Tier 2 is the hot fudge.  Not everyone needs hot fudge, only some get hot fudge. 

Tier 3 is the  whipped cream and sprinkles.  Not everyone needs the whipped cream and sprinkles, only a few get these toppings.

Every building has a leadership team that meets weekly. For more information please click on the individual building links.

Each building has representatives that serve on the district MTSS team.  The District MTSS team meets monthly to analyze district data, build the leadership skills of the team and connect the work of MTSS to school improvement.


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