Wave Machine

We’re surrounded by waves! Sound and light travel as waves to our ears and eyes. Ocean waves crash onto the beach. Radio waves broadcast music to our cars. We even use waves to cook our food – in microwaves! The students in Mr. Gerth’s and Mrs. Comers class created wave machines to see how all different kinds of waves move!

Mr. Gerth’s Class

Mrs. Comer’s Class

Rosie Hill Receives the Jeffs’ Best Award!

The Jeffs’ Best Award was created by the Fairbury Public Schools Board of Education to highlight and celebrate the great work of our staff.On behalf of the Board of Education, I would like to congratulate Rosie Hill, Fairbury High School Paraeducator, as the recipient of the September Jeffs’ Best Award!

 These are her nomination statements:
“Rosie Hill is a fantastic coworker! She is always willing to do all tasks that are asked of her. Currently, Rosie does a large amount of transporting for our programs-this means she arrives at school by 6:30 am and does not return until close to 5. She also helps out as a job coach for students that require assistance with their transitional work studies.
Rosie is a positive light in our district!”

“Rosie is always ready and willing to help wherever needed – and with a smile on her face and a friendly hello! She is truly appreciated!”

“Rosie has been a job coach and parapro for several years. She always goes the extra mile by sending photos and emails and teaching her students safety and procedures for those “what-if” situations. She is faithful to her job, loves her kids and works without complaint. She has become a member of our family !”

6th Grade Art and Science

In 6th Grade, we were learning about the color wheel,  primary colors and how we can mix them to make the secondary colors. Also have been learning about warm and cool color combinations.

Science -Fred the Worm Activity
Students had to work with their team to save Fred the Worm after his boat (cup) capsized. They had to get the worm from the top of the cup and into his lifesaver under the cup. They were only allowed to use paper clips to complete the task.

You Can’t Take it Back

Last week, 5th graders in Mrs. Johnson’s class did a group activity. They were given a tube of toothpaste, plate, and plastic silverware. The first instruction they were given was to empty the toothpaste onto the plate. Then they had to get every last drop back into the tube. They had some very creative ideas such as: blowing on the tube to open it back up,  putting some on their fingers and trying to push it back in, and using the fork to put it back in. In the end, they decided this was an impossible task. After we cleaned up, we read the book, “I Can’t Believe You Just Said That!” This book talks about saying rude things to people and how that is not polite. We then discussed that the toothpaste activity was like the book because we can apologize for what we said, but we can never take back what we said.  That is just like the fact that we can never put all the toothpaste back in the container. Everyone learned a great lesson from this activity.

Face Painting

We will be offering FACE PAINTING at all Varsity events.  This is a new fundraiser offered by the music department for the upcoming music trip to Chicago.  We hope this can become a new tradition at FHS and continue to fund many more music events and trips.  A face painting area will be set up at all Varsity sporting events around the first 2 hours of the event depending on the event.  Designs do not have to be isolated to the face, they can also be placed on top of hands, foreheads and forearms. The cost is $1.00 per design or $1.50 for glitter designs.  All paint is hypoallergenic and water soluble and washes up quickly with either soap and water or a quick swipe of a make-up wipe. For questions or to sign up and assist with this please contact Mr. Dusso at rdusso@fairburyjeffs.org or Mrs. Furrow or sfurrow@fairburyjeffs.org .

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun

In Miss Lassek’s 2nd grade classroom, the students heard a new story during the first week of school. Miss Lassek read the story “Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun.” This story outlines the importance of having courage, the importance of embracing our differences and the importance of never giving up. After hearing the story, the students took on a new challenge. The students were required to build the tallest tower in the classroom with only a few supplies. The students were given 20 mini marshmallows, 1 large marshmallow, 20 dry spaghetti noodles, a piece of paper and 5 inches of tape. The important details of the task was that the tower must stand on its own and hold the large marshmallow on the top. The students felt the challenge and difficulty of the task but never gave up! Congratulations to our winner, Carter Petersen for building the tallest tower to support the large marshmallow!

Amy Engle-Evans Receives the Jeffs’ Best Award!

The Jeffs’ Best Award was created by the Fairbury Public Schools Board of Education to highlight and celebrate the great work of our staff.On behalf of the Board of Education, I would like to congratulate Amy Engle-Evans, Fairbury High School social studies Teacher, as the recipient of the May Jeffs’ Best Award!

These are her nomination statements:
Amy has gone above and beyond this year as the FEA president dealing with multiple issues: Covid, coaching, discipline issues etc.

Amy is a dedicated teacher and coach who has served FPS for many years. She is a member of the Jeff community and has spent countless hours helping the students and athletes she teaches and coaches. She is the head of the social studies department at the high school and has also mentored many teachers over the years. She would be very deserving of the award, for she is one of “Jeffs Best”

Mrs. Engle-Evans is the epitome of professional excellence. Mrs. Engle-Evans is a highly effective classroom teacher. In our building we have used Mrs. Engle-Evans to help mentor teachers struggling with classroom management skills. She is organized, experienced, and passionate. She is the social studies department head and is supremely knowledgeable about her content area and curriculum. She is innovative with using and incorporating technology into instructional practices. She is a dynamic instructor and adaptive to meet the needs of all learners. Mrs. Engle-Evans never hesitates to take on leadership roles. She mentors new staff and supports veteran staff. She advocates for students.
She builds relationships with her colleagues, students, and athletes. Mrs. Engle-Evans contributes to the community, in addition to the school system. FPS is beyond blessed to have Amy Engle-Evans on staff!
Amy has shown strong leadership skills in the classroom as well as outside of during her time with FPS. She is extremely organized and always is open to new ideas and willing to help others. She dedicates time outside of her personal life to not only mentor students she has in class, but mentor athletes she coaches outside the classroom as well. Educators that coach are not in it for the extra pay on the payscale. They are in it to see the best that is in the kids that they support. Amy deserves to be Jeffs Best – She sees the best in students, athletes and coworkers.
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